Welcome to Mind & Motion Pilates Online!

My interest has always been in helping the individual. When clients come into my pilates studio for a session I think, ‘what does this person require to feel more whole and complete in their body? How can I help them create a movement practice that eliminates pain and encourages positive change, both physically and mentally?’ The answers to these questions are layered and unique to the individual. I always thought it challenging to share my skill-set in a mass way. 

Then the pandemic hit. The thought arose again, ‘how do I meet the needs of an individual without having them in the studio?’

When I am working in a one-on-one setting, I’m always giving homework. If a client has a particularly tight back, I give them mobility exercises. If they have trouble sleeping, I give them some breathing exercises. I find out about the person, and their needs, by asking questions.

Then I thought, I will make a website where I can ask questions! I will ask questions and give them specific workouts that are relevant to their unique body… workouts that are relevant to YOU:

Can you touch your toes? 

Can you do a side-plank?

Do you have trouble sleeping? 

Do you have pain upon moving?

This is how Mind & Motion Online was built; with the idea that we all have individual needs when it comes to our body (which in my mind is a beautiful thing). There are certain workouts or movements that will really get to the heart of the matter and help bring balance to our body and mind. Will I get to know you in the same way as if we worked together privately? Probably not. But I feel like those of you who are joining the site now, our ‘founding members,’ will help me to grow this site. 

The more I get to know you, the more I can deliver relevant content for you. 

So, what are your needs? Do you feel awkward in your body? Do you have tight shoulders? Do you sit at a desk all day long and need a gentle reminder to get up and stretch? 

This site is dedicated to meeting those needs. Comment below or email me and let me know what you need more of. 

If you’re ready to check out our membership program (think personal dashboard) we are currently offering a 7-day free trial. 

In health,