Pilates is the Bridge to Exercise

Jennifer Interviews Meghan – Part 2

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside you.” -Deepak Chopra

Motion is a quintessential aspect of everything in nature, our anatomies included. Our hearts are always pumping and the synapses in our brains are always firing. As the above mantra illustrates, however, a lifestyle of wellness begins with balancing our body’s constant state of movement and our mind’s inherent need for stillness.   

Something that I deeply appreciate about Meghan’s workouts, is that they all begin with relaxing into the moment. There on the mat, whether it be in class or in our private spaces, the only responsibility we need to concentrate on is taking care of ourselves. When we are able to let our worries, deadlines, and stressors melt away for even just 10 minutes a day, then we are able to face them with renewed vigor. 

In this segment of my interview with Meghan, I was able to hear more about how adapting her Masters of Kinesiology through Pilates has enhanced her and her clients’ lives.   

How has understanding the science of the body improved your life? 

I think it’s one of those things…. Like the more you know. Scientifically understanding my joint mechanics and where my body is in space has informed my movement practice and given me confidence as a teacher.. 

I also have a greater perspective for how to just be in my body and understand my day to day state. How am I holding myself? What is my level of tension? Those sorts of questions and scrutiny are helpful for true embodiment. 

How do you use it to improve others’ lives? 

There’s a skeleton that I have… you may have seen it in some of my videos… Well, I pull that out and show others how their bones move. Seeing and knowing how their anatomy moves may change their experience of how they are moving their leg, for example. 

This helps them move efficiently and effectively particularly when exercising. But it also helps them to know when something is off.

It’s all about educating. The more people are educated, the more tools they have to be connected to their body, move with precision, and understand their own biomechanics. 

Taking it even further, I love helping people by sharing the science of the brain-body connection with them. Knowing how our nervous systems work helps us harness how our brain and bodies connect. 

Why Pilates over any other exercise type?

That’s simple: It’s engaging!

Being engrossed in the movements allows you to step away from whatever narrative is constantly playing in your mind. On the mat, you can leave all that other stuff aside and just be in the moment with your body. 

I also feel like Pilates is something that people look forward to. It doesn’t evoke the feeling of “aw man I gotta go to the gym.” It’s more like thinking “oh yay, I get to do Pilates!” Maybe that’s because you feel so taken care of. Especially if it’s a one on one situation. 

Instead of an obligation, Pilates is a motivator. Doing the movements and learning new skills feels good in the moment and afterwards. It’s kind of one part instant gratification and one part long term encouragement. 

Plus, every tool we use adds to the experience. Looking at all the springs and pulleys you may think that the exercises will be harder, but many times they are an assist. They help you to stretch and feel your body in a way you can’t do on your own. 

Pilates is also a great way for beginners to shake off the feeling of “I’m not in shape enough for that.” If you’re not feeling physically at your peak, Pilates can get you there. It can even be a bridge to high performance, high intensity exercise. Instead of going straight for CrossFit or any of those other “high octane” workouts, it’s important to build your skills and strengths. That’s where I come in. 

Main Takeaway

Prioritize time to calibrate your unique sense of equilibrium. 

No matter the chaos swirling around in your life, taking a small chunk of time to renew your inner stillness can significantly boost your confidence, mood, and energy. Even though we are through the 10 for 10 Challenge, there are always more chances to be edified by Meghan and the Mind & Motion community. 

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