Best Pilates Classes in Los Angeles

Experience the feeling of a private session in a small group setting. Change your body through a series of classical pilates exercises, which create consciousness, mobility, posture and strength. In every class at Mind & Motion we work this practice to bring balance to your mind and body. Class size is capped at six people to ensure proper technique and execution. The teachers will know your name. You will be nurtured. Today’s the day to begin a practice.

We also offer private sessions and bodywork for those needing more care. Together, with your practitioner, you will be on the road to improved health and wellness. The studio is located in the Hancock Park neighborhood near West Hollywood and Larchmont Village.


We help our clients cultivate wellness by teaching classical pilates and functional exercise. Our group reformer classes and private sessions help you discover how to move with precision and ease. We are equipped to help you through chronic pain and fatigue conditions, setting you on a path to feeling your best in your body. Through curiosity, direction from your teacher and the ritual of practice you will experience deep change.

Pilates Reformer Classes

Our reformer classes max out at six clients, to ensure individual attention. This intimate experience allows for guidance and correction from your teacher. The classical pilates classes consist of a repertoire of specific movements which improve overall function and mechanics. Unlike other pilates studios, Mind & Motion offers levels so you can be assured you are placed in the proper class.

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Private Pilates

Private Pilates

Our one-on-one sessions are tailored for your unique needs. We highly recommend those dealing with pain issues, new movers, and those who’ve never tried pilates to begin with one-on-one sessions. Sessions will utilize the entire pilates studio, including the cadillac, wunda chair, and barrels. All of our practitioners are highly skilled in directing your body and establishing a Movement Practice that will meet your needs.


Massage therapy sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs and condition of their body. Multiple techniques may be utilized including deep tissue, facial stretching, sensory re-patterning, polarity, lymphatic drainage, and circulatory massage. Tension is not met with force; instead, the amount of pressure used is dictated by the pace at which the tissues are able to release and soften. Massage is an excellent way to alleviate stress, release toxins, reduce muscle tension, and increase function, performance, and sense of well-being.