We Begin with A Conversation

This week on Instagram stories I shared about the conception of the assessment on the Mind & Motion virtual studio. The assessment was born from my desire to emulate the experience you would have if you came in for a first session at the brick and mortar studio, engaging your mind to facilitate conscious motion. The first question I ask is “what piqued your curiosity about pilates?” or if you’ve done pilates before, “what did you like about it?” This gives me an idea of how to continue the session. It also gives me insights into who you are. The more I know about you, the better I can meet your needs. Thus, all of my sessions begin with a conversation.

The “conversation” then shifts to moving your body. I start teaching you some movements, taking notice of your general level of strength and flexibility. I am curious about the moves you make in your everyday life, asking you to provide specific details about your movements throughout the day and how you feel while doing them. For instance, “how would you sit up from lying down?” Maybe you roll to the side and then use your hands to push yourself to a seated position (you may have been told this way was best for your back), or maybe you kick your legs a bit to gain momentum. Maybe you just roll right up with ease. Watching and listening to you gives me a place to begin. 

The assessment also gives us a place to begin.  I can’t observe you at home, but I still begin our conversation in the virtual studio by asking questions. The assessment is meant to get you curious about your body. Understanding your body and fitness level promotes more autonomy, and, in a way, I think it is more effective than a two way conversation. You become your own coach and teacher. The assessment should feel interactive. Maybe you don’t know the answers to some of these questions, which requires trying them. This is my sneaky way of get you to move from the onset… 

Once you get an idea of which movements you can do easily and which moves are more challenging, you become more aware of your general wellness. For instance, “where do you hold tension in your body?” According to your response your personal dashboard will load the workout sessions that are relevant for you. This is my way of saying: I see where you need some guidance with your body and here is the place to begin. 

In each prerecorded workout session I’m trying to create the feeling of what it might be like to do a session together. To reinforce the autonomy you have at home, I offer modifications that progress you through complex movements that might be too hard. I’m always thinking about what a movement might be like for you, asking you what thoughts or feelings might be arising, providing encouragement so you can best guide yourself through challenging moments. My ultimate goal for you is to feel challenged but safe while you move. The sessions  are designed to give you the support you need to feel empowered and confident. These features will help you to have a comparable experience to an in-person session. 

Start a conversation through the assessment and receive personalized workouts. Try the modifications I give in each workout, remain present and pay attention to my cues asking you to check in with your body. You got this! 

You can take the assessment here and then try a few of the workouts with our 7-day free trial