Sitting on the Floor Improves Flexibility

How often do you sit on the floor? This is a simple request, yet it’s become foreign to so many of us. Maybe the floor has suddenly become uncomfortable; your body doesn’t know how to sit or where your legs can go. This is simply because you are out of practice. If you haven’t demanded this of your body recently, your body probably no longer knows how to do it.

According to Healthline, sitting on the floor encourages natural stability, decreases hip tension, increases flexibility and mobility and can be ‘more active’ than sitting on a chair or sofa. In essence, there are health benefits in the simplicity of sitting on the floor.

Check my video above and see how many of the postures you can occupy comfortably. If there are a few that feel good – that’s wonderful. If others are harder, we can work on creating more ease in each of these postures. Instead of sitting on the couch to watch TV, try sitting on the floor. Take 10 minutes to explore different sitting postures. If you have small children or grandchildren, get down on the floor with them. Again, you don’t need to be there for long. Five to ten minutes can be sufficient.

Mind & Motion was created to highlight, not just the benefit of working out and stretching at home, but also, the floor as the most accessible home workout tool at you disposal. Remember that there is a moment in every day that you can take for yourself. Make ‘floor time’ part of your habitual patterning. Learn how to sit comfortably and begin a movement practice and/or stretching routine that will prime your body for greater range of motion and improved flexibility. Increasing your range allows for greater possibilities of movement as well as comfort when you are relaxing . My mission is to get you on the floor every day. Sit, lie down on your back, lie on your belly, lie on your sides, and practice moving from the floor to your feet.

The Hip Mobility Series and the Psoas Release in the Wellness Collection are wonderful pilates sessions to help increase the mobility necessary to sit on the floor comfortably. Today’s the day to start a practice.

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