Anyone Can Do a Side-Plank!

I believe there is a version of EVERY exercise that you can do today, even the challenging side-plank. There is always a way to modify the pilates movement or adjust the conditions (like adding a prop) so that your body can receive all of the same benefits as the fuller expression of the movement. Tackling the full version of the side-plank might make you feel like a pro or it may be a healthy goal Regardless, rest assured that a modified version of this move might serve your body best today. It all depends on where you are in your fitness journey.

Today, I’m breaking down a few different versions of the side-plank. I recommend trying all of these versions and then you can see which ones serve you best. Consider how your body feels in the movement: does this feel attainable? Can you access the appropriate muscles? Are you straining? The more you practice, the more you will have a sense of your limitations and potential.

Let’s start with the side-plank prep👇🏻Planking on your elbows can be helpful if you have issues with your hands or wrists. Because we are also planking on the shin (instead of the feet), the plank is more manageable. See how it feels to go up and down on the elbow and shin.

If this feels manageable, and you want to challenge yourself a bit more, try lifting and lower your top leg (this is a leg lift and side-plank in one) 👇🏻

If you’re good with you’re hand and wrist, you could also trying rising up on your hand, instead of your forearm.👇🏻

Now, let’s try stepping up into the full plank. I’m showing this on my hand but it can also be done on your forearm. See if you can hold it a moment and then come back down. 👇🏻

Once the side-plank feels solid and you want to play with more, try some rotations! 👇🏻

Many of the workouts in our library are built with progressions like these. We start simply and then build on the movement. If the next iteration feels like too much for your body, you can stay practicing the movement that most meets your needs. In our side-body series we tackle moves like the side-plank together. I hope this helps you feel your own movement potential.

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