Warmup & Stretches for Runners, Hikers and Golfers

When we play outdoor sports or explore our surroundings, we are freeing our minds and bodies from the confines of our daily indoor spaces. Even though these activities are more freeform than a workout regime or exercise class, warm ups and stretches are still important.

These transitional phases into physical exertion and rest are key to keeping us moving. Mind & Motion has just the thing to support your next outdoor adventure or competitive endeavor. To help you out, Meghan has filmed some simple to follow stretches to use before/after 3 popular outdoor activities: 1) Hiking / Running, 2) Tennis / Golf, and 3) Swimming

Our specially designed 3-5 minute warm-ups and cool-downs are easily accessible (on your phone!) and can be done wherever you are – both before your workout and then after.

Why Warm Up and Stretch?

Preparing our bodies for exercise isn’t just about feeling good while we move. Warm ups are also a needed step for decreasing your body’s post-exercise soreness and tightness. 


Stretching gives our cardiovascular and muscular systems a heads up. By getting our blood flowing, we are allowing our bodies ample time to deliver oxygen and respond to the physical impact of our chosen activity. Take running and jogging for example. Warming up keeps our joints, tendons, and muscles loose enough to keep up with the physical exertion we’re about to put them through.

On the other end of our run, cooling off prepares our bodies for the recovery process. After your workout, when your body is warm, stretching will not only make you feel better but can also increase your mobility.

Each phase can take less than 5 minutes each and can be repeated each time.  

Hike / Run

Hiking & Running

Your hamstrings will thank you for this pre-adventure warm-up/cool off combo video!

While hiking and running, your legs are doing great work to take you to amazing places. That’s why time should be spent before and after each journey to properly stretch them out.

Tennis & Golf

Give your body a pre-game pep talk with this warm-up/cool off combo video.

Don’t let these low-key sports fool you, they can be just as physically draining as all the others. By stretching out with rotations and gentle bouncing, you’ll perform better and enjoy your post-game plans a lot more.

Tennis / Golf



When it comes to moving through the water, our whole bodies get involved. Keep your shoulders and neck healthy with this specialized swim warm-up.

Want to Download?

Download these videos and save them on your phone for easy access. Share them with friends! You can download the:

See you outside!