Staying Balanced During the Holidays

This year I encourage you to create time in order to be present with your friends and family. 

The holidays are a time to celebrate, gather with friends and family, and indulge in the delights of food and gifts. This requires a certain degree of energy and commitment. If we are so exhausted from our daily lives that we collapse on our few days off, then we might want to consider creating habits in our regular lives that are more sustainable and nurturing. I would like to help you out with developing some positive habits. 

During the holidays I always think, “something’s gotta give!” My increased holiday commitments include dedicating time toward more cooking, shopping for loved ones, decorating a Christmas tree, and best of all – time with friends and family. These are all very important for my well-being. If I’m taking time for these additional commitments, I have to “give” somewhere else. For example, I’m taking time away from teaching this month to travel and be with family. The time off from work is a privilege that I don’t take for granted. If you don’t have that luxury, see what other areas of your life can bend in order to create space for celebrating and enjoying the holiday. This will help prevent holiday burnout. 

Another way to mitigate holiday burnout is with my Holiday De-stress workout to help you shake off the stress! (see me jumping around above!). You can access that here

Part of my goal with the Mind & Motion Virtual Studio is to make fitness ACCESSIBLE (did you get that? lol). 

We offer prerecorded workouts at a variety of times from 20 minutes – 45 minutes in the areas of strength, mobility and wellness, which can all be done anytime, anywhere. Since most of us don’t have the pilates apparatus at home, we use the floor (and sometimes a few household items) like we would the pilates equipment – to balance the body. 

The holidays are a great time to consider a pilates mat practice – it doesn’t require much time to be effective, and you can do it pretty much anywhere. Take me on vacation with you, please! There is a moment in every day that you can take for yourself, and your body. Happy Holidays!!!