Physical Activity Throughout the Day

We tend to think about our fitness routine in hour-long increments. By now you know that I highly recommend spending time on the floor, mobilizing and strengthening the body. A dedicated fitness and movement practice is essential for health and longevity.

Some days you don’t have time to dedicate an hour toward your body. On other days you need more than an hour. On those days (or on any day), sprinkle physical activity throughout the day. If you don’t have an hour, 10 minutes will do. Several 10 minute sets of physical activity sprinkled throughout your day will help keep you fit and mobile. Ideas include: parking your car a few blocks away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking or biking instead of driving, even doing a bit of gardening.

Physical activity during your workday can lead to better productivity. Simple tricks, like standing during a phone call or drinking lots of water so that you walk to the bathroom repeatedly, add up and all count toward your physical activity quota. In the above video I’m taking you through a few desk stretches. Stretching helps correct posture, ward off carpal tunnel and decrease stress levels. This short clip is from a new video released this week on the platform. It is aptly titled: “Desk Stretches.” Press play to move along with me!

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