Pilates Reformer Classes

Our small group reformer classes are a great way to establish a consistent fitness practice. Exercises include classical pilates on the reformer, mat pilates, conditioning/functional exercises and relaxation techniques. All classes address proper alignment, timing, technique and coordination. You will learn simple to complex exercises that help strengthen, align and balance your body.


This is a classical pilates class practiced on the reformer and mat. Learning the pilates repertoire will help you flow through the movements with greater certainty and ease. During class specific movements build upon one another with the idea that progress in strength and posture occurs through the repetition of precise exercise. The Classical 2.0 takes you into the advanced classical pilates repertoire. Prior approval required in progressing to 2.0.

Classical Pilates


Get ready to move. This class is about the fluidity of repetitive movement and exciting the cardiovascular system. 20-25 minutes of the class are spent on the reformer jumping against the resistance of the springs. The client will be releasing energy and gaining strength.

Jump and Flow

Creative Contemporary

This class showcases our teacher’s talents and individual approach to the practice. The class retains some of the classical pilates repertoire but is rounded out by creative applications and unique movements favored by our beloved teachers.

Creative Contemporary

Pilates Privates

If it’s been awhile since you’ve engaged in a consistent fitness practice, are dealing with issues of chronic pain or discomfort, privates offer personal attention and support. You will have the opportunity to learn the other pieces of pilates apparatus: the Cadillac, wunda chair, spine corrector and ped-a-pul. All of these will better inform your work on the reformer and mat.

Pilates privates

Pilates Teacher

Our certified pilates teachers are the choice if you want to learn pilates and develop a strength and conditioning practice. You will learn how to use all of the pilates apparatus and exercises may include functional fitness as well.


Movement Specialist

If you are dealing with chronic pain, impairments or have any unique limitations a Movement Specialist is here to help you begin. Movement Specialists have a wider degree of expertise in dealing with special populations. A broader range of modalities may be used to increase ease of movement.

Movement Specialist


If you’re feeling stuck or stressed, a table session will help you unwind. A pair of gentle hands will help the body relax and rebalance. We have two offerings but sessions can include both modalities.

Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, deeply relaxing hands-on treatment. Using soft touch, it works with the tide-like pulsation of the Craniosacral System, which comprises the membranes and fluid that surround, nourish, and protect the brain and spinal cord. By following this subtle rhythm of the body, restrictions in the bones and connective tissues surrounding the central nervous system can release and re-balance. This enhances the body’s innate healing mechanisms to resolve the physical and emotional effects of trauma, pain, and dysfunction.

It is a wonderful restorative treatment for a variety of issues including TMJ, fibromyalgia, headaches, brain and spinal cord injuries, PTSD, stress, scoliosis, dental trauma, chronic neck and back pain, anxiety, and depression. It also serves as a preventive health measure.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs and condition of their body. Multiple techniques may be utilized including deep tissue, facial stretching, sensory re-patterning, polarity, lymphatic drainage, and circulatory massage. Tension is not met with force; instead, the amount of pressure used is dictated by the pace at which the tissues are able to release and soften. Massage is an excellent way to alleviate stress, release toxins, reduce muscle tension, and increase function, performance, and sense of well-being.