Amanda MacLeod

Cultivated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, blossomed in NYC, and transplanted in LA. Amanda has spent her life dedicated to movement – Pilates, yoga, alpine skiing, whitewater kayaking, and any other adrenaline-inducing mountain sport she can get her hands on.

She found Pilates after a debilitating back injury took her away from her dance training. Through a dedicated practice, she came back stronger than ever before and was able to return to her career as a professional modern dancer.She holds a BFA in Dance from Rutgers University and received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Body Arts Science International, where she apprenticed under the mentorship of Rael Isacowitz. Amanda loves helping her clients deepen their awareness and connection to themselves. She believes that Pilates provides unparalleled strength and balance to any lifestyle, and will help you discover a potential in your physicality beyond what you thought was possible.


Matt Rodrigues

Matt Rodrigues, a native born South African from Johannesburg, was first introduced to Pilates as a result of chronic back pain sustained from an injury. In Los Angeles, he became dedicated to the system after it provided physical relief and a sense of mental calm.

He proceeded to pursue his dedication to Pilates by achieving his certification through “Mind & Motion Pilates” in West Hollywood with Meghan Pickrell, and continued instruction with Laura Wilson at Natural Pilates in Beverly Hills. Since then, he has become a firm believer in the Joseph Pilates method.

Matt aims for balance in his classes: providing a complete workout experience with emphasis to correct form while making it both challenging and fun. He continues to be a practicing student and a devoted instructor at the studio.


Sarah Pigion

Sarah Pigion is a comprehensively certified Pilates and GYROKINESIS® instructor and massage therapist. She first encountered Pilates as a conditioning and rehabilitative tool through her career as a dancer and in 2008 became certified through Balanced Body University under the mentorship of Lesley Powell in NYC. She has since worked with a variety of master trainers and bodyworkers including Marie-José Blom, Alicia Head, Kuan Hui Chew, and Robert Schleip. This improved her teaching abilities to assist populations in a variety of issues such as pre/post-natal, scoliosis, fascial conditioning, hip/ knee replacements, frozen shoulder, spinal injuries, as well as fitness enthusiasts. Sarah currently teaches in the LA area, runs a private massage therapy practice, and is an active musician and singer-songwriter.


Nicole Watkins

Nicole discovered the joy of movement and a love of mind-body connection initially through her training as a dancer and eventually through her practice in Pilates. In 2007, she completed her full Pilates apparatus certification with Ellie Herman in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, Nicole has devoured any additional education that she can get her hands on in anatomy, injuries and rehabilitation, pre- and post-natal Pilates, and mind-body awareness. As a teacher, she aims to help people find greater body awareness and more efficient movement patterns, and build strength through Pilates.