At Mind & Motion we offer a new type of fitness program that combines fitness with awareness. Think of it as a “Moving Meditation.” With guidance from your practitioner, a variety of cues are given to direct your focus to specific areas. Cues may direct focus to anatomical images, muscular sensations or a movement sequence. This holistic approach engages you more fully into the workout – creating amazing results. You will understand patterns that contribute to pain and how to work in a balanced manner. Your body will change, becoming more biomechanically sound, and aesthetically pleasing. With a greater sense of awareness, you will move with confidence, ease, and grace.

“As a Kinesiologist I have a vast understanding of movement. My biomechanical background has taught me how to break down exercise in order to teach with science like precision. Adjustments of form and thorough explanations can make a simple movement intensely challenging – just ask my clients! My intention is for all of my clients to learn and understand the capabilities of their body. Through understanding, challenging exercise and greater awareness, you will appreciate and cherish your body.”

-Meghan Pickrell, M.S.