The paradigm of the doctor or health practitioner as a monarch is outdated. Progressive medical doctors and holistic practitioners encourage and empower patients to take responsibility and become part of their own path to a healthier life.  This is also the philosophy at Mind & Motion.  You will have a voice. You will be heard. Together, you and your practitioner will take steps to accomplish your goals in every session.  Goals may include diminished pain, increased energy, strength, weight loss, postural education and ease of movement.


The idea of The Shift developed from the notion that if we give ourselves 75 minutes we can begin to shift something either physically, mentally or emotionally. The shift combines the intelligence of pilates movements with on-your-feet primal movements. The class is broken into 2 sections: floor work (the pilates mat work) and standing work. We spend time in thoughtful movement and then we will let go and just move in a rhythmic way to music. This class differs from pilates classes as it will involve a bit of recognition into your story. When we are pushed physically our defenses come down and then a real SHIFT can occur. Expect to be participating in your body the whole time either by thinking (connecting your mechanics) or by feeling all the feelings (physical or emotional). This class is still in the development phase and payment is by DONATION ONLY.


Whether you are interested in getting in shape, losing weight, addressing issues of pain or fatigue, Mind & Motion can meet your needs.  Exercises include pilates on the apparatus, yoga postures, conditioning/functional exercises and relaxation techniques. Unlike other pilates studios, Mind & Motion offers levels so you can be assured you are placed in the proper class. This way you will not be held back by newcomers or be overwhelmed if you are a newcomer.  All classes address proper alignment, timing, technique and coordination.  You will learn simple to complex exercises that help strengthen, align and balance your body.

Introductory Class (Recommended for all new clients)

In order to introduce you to our approach to pilates we offer you an introductory class, which is free and included in all prepaid packages and memberships. This class will help us assess which level and type of workout best suits you. In this class you will learn about the reformer and its mechanics as well as beginner pilates exercises on the reformer.

Level 1

This Class focuses on beginner to intermediate exercises on the pilates reformer and mat.  This class is challenging and intense but at a slower pace to keep the focus on form.  Once you are familiar and accomplished with the Level 1 class you may ask to move to the next level.  Most new clients remain in this class for at least few months until they are ready to progress.

Level 2

This class focuses on intermediate to advanced exercises on the pilates reformer and mat.  This class moves at a quicker pace, keeping your heart rate elevated. Exercise complexity and variety increases.

Prenatal Pilates

Designed for mommies to be! The class is suited for those in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. All exercises are designed to keep your trunk and pelvic floor muscles strong. We also focus on upper body strength so that you can properly lift and carry your newborn postpartum.